The Hylian Shield, traditionally bore by the Knights of Hyrule, bearing the symbol of the Triforce, pointed at by the Crimson Loftwing.

Hylian Shield

With a passion for Zelda games, the name HylianShield seemed most fitting for an open source organization, focusing on shielding code from malicious user input.

The HylianShield organization was created as a home for the HylianShield validator. This validator was originally born from a previous attempt to setting up a static site generator. That generator was extremely reliant on good structured JSON. Without knowledge of JSON Schema validation, it achieved something fairly similar within a templating engine.

With all this stray logic inside a templating engine, it deserved a home of its own. Thus, the HylianShield validator was created.

Today, the organization holds more than just the validation suite. A few of them are:

Feel free to take a look around. All packages are open source and new input is welcome.