I am …

Well hello there. Thanks for trying to get to know (a little bit more) about me.

Jan-Marten de Boer

My name is Jan-Marten. A Dutch born and raised bundle of factoids and opinions. But most of all, I am …

… a maker

I love to build things. See how something that starts in my mind take shape in the real or digital world.

Be it LEGO®, computers or something from scratch, the joy of creation is always there. *Results will vary.

As many a maker, I also make my own tools, for making things. Most of which is done through programming.

Current projects

[State: pre-alpha] Nv is a tool to interact with and manage environment variables to better fit modern development cases.
[State: research] Symbiont is a purpose-built language for expressive data manipulation. It is named so, because it relies on a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with a host language.

Currently learning


Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

First paragraph from kubernetes.io

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

First paragraph from golang.org

… a gamer

I love playing games. While I enjoy a bit of solitary time, most games I love are played with friends or foes.

From DnD to a TCG and from Zelda to GTA V, I'm in when you are.

Sadly, I've had to say goodbye to my Nintendo collection. Even though I don't own those games and consoles anymore, they are still a big part of what defines me.

… a weirdo

Slack: Morning greeting

You may call me nerd, geek or tell me I'm a bit weird. And you're probably right about all of those.

I completely and utterly embrace the child and madman that live within me.

… in love with life

Being in love with life, to me, means I enjoy both the little things, as well as major accomplishments. I treat myself for wins both big and small.

Whenever I can take the time, I will have a moment of peace in parts of nature I especially love.

I was born on the island Ameland, in the north of The Netherlands.

Whenever I visit family, I make sure to get some alone time with nature.

… pet's best friend

I truly love and care for animals. Sometimes even more so than my fellow human.

It appears that same love is something I get back multiple times over.